Regivet Consultants

Regivet BV is a small – yet very experienced –  independent consulting firm specialized in the development and registration of veterinary pharmaceuticals in Europe (National/MRP/DCP/CP).

The majority of our employees originates from the R&D department of a veterinary pharmaceutical company based in Bladel, the Netherlands.  Mike Boeren (Chemist) and Peter Verhoeve (DVM – large animals + poultry) are directors.  Kitty Ruigrok is also a DVM, but specialized in companion animals. Rudy Paridaans, Roel van Limpt and Niels Freriks are all experienced development analysts. Susan Roest is our new stability analyst. Ralf Das and Mathijs van Amstel are both junior analysts. Eri van Duuren – the founder of Regivet – has retired and no longer works for Regivet.

Together we have almost 90 years of expertise in development and registration of veterinary pharmaceuticals.