Welcome to Regivet BV, your trusted partner in veterinary pharmaceutical development and registration across Europe. As an independent animal health consultancy and Contract Research Organization (CRO), we specialize in delivering expert guidance and comprehensive solutions tailored to the veterinary sector.

Regivet Consultants

At Regivet we believe that a consultant who wishes to give the best professional advice possible to his clients during product development should have a close feeling with the product. Coming from a successful development team in a commercial competitive environment we realise how important it is to get a product authorised as quickly as possible and in the most cost-effective manner. We also understand the simultaneous need to present a commercially attractive product in order to be successful in the veterinary pharmaceutical market, e.g. enhanced palatability, stability, additional indications or target species.
The interaction between the pharmaceutical development team and veterinarians within Regivet is therefore of key importance and starts even before any development work is done. By keeping the complete development in-house, this interaction is optimised during the whole process.