Expertise | Laboratory services

In our pharmaceutical development laboratory we have the capability to use many different techniques, choice of which will depend on the product and preferences and needs of our clients e.g. HPLC / UPLC, IR, UV/VIS. In-house we can perform all tests for friability, disintegration and dissolution of tablets, viscosity testing of gels/suspensions, and particle size determination by laser light diffraction. With our newest acquisition – the Morphologi G3-ID – it is not only possible to determine the size, but also the shape of individual particles in a powder blend or suspension with chemical identification of the particles.

We have equipment to produce small scale product development batches for amongst others tablets, powders, injection fluids and gels. Therefore we can formulate almost all trial batches in house, thus guaranteeing complete confidentiality for our customers.

Our analysts are very experienced in developing and validating analytical methods for release – or stability testing. Furthermore, we are able to store and analyse samples for (on-going) stability testing. All method validations and stability studies are performed according to the current guidelines.

Certificate of GMP Compliance
In July 2018 the Medicines Evaluation Board – Veterinary Medicinal Products Unit issued a Certificate of GMP Compliance for Regivet: Certificate No: NL/V 18/0011. The authenticity of this certificate may be verified in EudraGMP [external link].